About Us

Welcome to Heavy Topspin!

I’m Jeff and I’ve been a tennis enthusiast since I was young, growing up watching the likes of Graf, Becker, Agassi and Navratilova. A golden age!

While my own game never reached those heights (or let’s be honest, anywhere close) I’ve always loved to play and was even lucky enough to coach young kids overseas for a time in my early twenties.

When I picked up a racquet again a while back I was slightly disappointed by the lack of quality information available on the internet, so here at Heavy Topspin we’ve set out to try and change that.

While we may (but won’t necessarily) receive affiliate commissions if you go on to buy a product, this won’t affect our recommendations in any way. Our reviews are only ever based on solid research and we only recommend products that we truly believe will be of benefit to you.

So take a look around, feel free to browse our racquet guides and if you have any comments or suggestions don’t forget to get in touch.

Jeff Marcus
Chief Editor