Margin of Error Podcast: Episode Eight

A new podcast is out!

Amy and I bring you up to date with the action in Miami. We also pay tribute to Samuel Groth on the event of his first Challenger title and give a resounding “meh” to talk of a fifth slam.

You can find the podcast and subscribe with iTunes here. For other subscription methods, here’s an XML feed. Otherwise, keep an eye out for a new episode early each week, which I’ll post here on the blog.

Click here to listen.

If you’ve been enjoying the podcast, please leave us a review in the iTunes store so that others are more likely to find us. If you haven’t been enjoying the podcast … well, I’m sure you have more important things to do than write a review.

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2 responses to “Margin of Error Podcast: Episode Eight

  1. Brendan

    Hi Jeff and Amy,

    Thanks for another great show. I love that you started with two Aussies, and took the appropriate tone with each!
    Perhaps another reason we don’t need a 5th Slam is that as an ITF event it would receive NO coverage on TennisTV!
    Would love to hear you expand on how matches get scheduled on certain courts.

    Also, can I add to your earlier point about how hard it is to discover who is playing in a tournament to injured players, who just drop off the radar completely? As a fan I want to know why a player retires from a match, and the reason for taking an extended break.

    Take Ayumi Morita (for whom I made a little chart on her Wikipedia page that may interest you) who is carrying a potentially career-defining injury. She doesn’t tweet or use her web page for months and I don’t believe her WTA page (left shoulder). I was at her last match; it was all she could do not to retire with a lower back strain. Look after the fans and grow the game, I say.

    Best wishes,
    Brendan in Melbourne

    • Thanks for listening! Yeah, would be nice to get more info on long-injured players. Not everyone is so helpful as Del Potro, tweeting photos from the operating room!

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