Margin of Error Podcast: Episode Two

This week’s podcast is ready for listening!

Amy’s and my guest for Episode Two is JJ of Challenger Tennis — read his blog here and follow him on twitter here.  We chat with him about how he got interested in the lower tiers of the pro game, the struggles of life on the Challenger tour, and some players to watch outside of the usual suspects.  Thanks, JJ, for joining us.

You can find the podcast and subscribe with iTunes here. Otherwise, keep an eye out for a new episode early each week, which I’ll post here on the blog.

Click here to listen.

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One response to “Margin of Error Podcast: Episode Two

  1. Great stuff. It’d be cool if JJ became a monthly guest to give a quick update on the Challenger circuit. It’s getting so much easier to follow now with the compiling of the streams at the Livestream website, plus all of the blogs. If you don’t have Tennis Channel and/or ESPN3, it’s now a lot easier and cheaper to follow the Challengers than it is the ATP!

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